Organic farm Klausensteingut

On a farm there are always things to be experienced – a paradise for children!


About our farm

There is a swing with a climbing tower, a play-ground, a sand pit, a trampoline and a paved space for biking and roller skating. On an organic farm there are always things to be discovered. Have you ever watched a cow being milked? Our calves are very nosey and enjoy being stroked. On our organic farm there are 50 cattle – cows, young cattle and calves, 10 sheep with their young lambs, a dog, two cats, two rabbits and 10 happy hens.

We are living in and with nature and appreciate our home very much. In order to sustain the fresh air, the clear water, the unspoilt nature we work our farm in an organic and sustainable way. Get an impression of life on our organic farm, try fresh and natural milk and watch us in the mountains bringing in the hay.

The organic farm shop Scharlern is only 600 metres away from us, on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturday a lot of different natural products can be bought there.

In the new apartments Panorama Lodge and Kitz Alpen Lodge you can spend a wonderful time. You will find rest and relaxation on our organic farm.

Living on a mountain hut

Our cows and sheep spend the summer on our mountain meadows, there, following old traditions, butter and cheese is produced from milk by hand. In summer, our milk tastes exceptionally deliciously, as the cows are grazing on fresh Alpine meadows. Due to the free range for our cows in the fresh air and the unique Alpine herbs, our products butter and cheese get a hearty, mild and tasty flavour. But – find out yourself! During a hike to our mountain hut and with a bit of luck you can find mushrooms or pick blueberries.

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